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Do You Need a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2018 | Criminal Defense

If you’ve been indicted in federal court or you’re under investigation, make sure to hire an attorney who is a good fit for your particular case. What matters most is whether the attorney has experience in the forum you’ll be in and with the kind of process you’re going through. For instance, a lawyer who has handled an insurance fraud case in state court in Tennessee may not be the best hire for an insurance fraud case in federal court in Virginia.

With over 4,000 federal criminal statutes, finding a lawyer who has handled the specific statute that applies to your case may be less important than having a lawyer who is experienced in federal court or has represented clients in investigations by federal prosecutors or federal agents.

Our firm has practiced Federal Court litigation in Tennessee for many years, and our experience in federal practice is extensive. We regularly appear on behalf of, and represent, clients in litigation covering a variety of areas.  We also have substantial federal appellate practice experience, regularly preparing appellate briefs and arguing appeals in the Sixth and Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeal, and the United States Supreme Court.

Our firm provides aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense representation at both the state and federal levels. Our criminal defense attorneys frequently handle the defense of cases involving simple misdemeanors to serious felonies, in all area General Sessions and Criminal Courts in the eastern region of Tennessee, including United States District Courts in Greeneville, Knoxville, and Abingdon, Virginia.

It is important to have a criminal defense attorney who knows the law, the parties involved, and the complicated Federal Sentencing Guidelines in Federal Court matters. The ability to communicate effectively with case agents and Assistant United States attorneys in pretrial negotiation processes and trial preparation is extremely important, and investigation and preparation in these realms are paramount to effective representation. Our federal criminal defense attorneys understand this and keep it in the forefront of their minds when representing clients.

If you’ve been indicted in federal court or you’re under investigation, call us today at 423-434-4700.