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Divorce & The Holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Divorce & Family Law

People may act festive during the holidays, but many individuals are only pretending to be jolly. For some, the holidays are unhappy reminders that they want to legally move on from their spouses. Plenty of men and women struggle to decide if they need to wait until January to start the process. This is a personal decision, without a definitive right or wrong answer. There are some things to consider if choosing to pursue a divorce over the holiday season.

Is Abuse Occurring in the Relationship?

If one spouse is abusing another spouse, the victim needs a safe exit as soon as possible.

Is Divorce Amicable?

If a couple agrees to divorce, they may choose to make the announcement after the holidays. This can alleviate any complicated questions from extended family members.

Do You Have a Strong Support System?

Sometimes a person leaving a marriage can be sure of support from family and friends. At other times, this can be a challenge. Asking for a divorce around the holidays can add a layer of confusion in otherwise uncertain times.

Have You Spoken to a Divorce Lawyer?

Considering a divorce for months or years is one thing. Actually calling a divorce lawyer is quite another. Nothing prevents an individual from picking up the phone to schedule an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer around the holidays. A compassionate divorce lawyer will help a client make the best decision based on the client’s needs.

At Herndon, Coleman, Brading, & McKee, we are one of the longest established law firms here in Johnson City. We recognize our clients often come to us under heavy stress, needing swift and effective solutions. We are counselors, trained to listen, understand, and help.

If you choose to pursue a divorce, know that we will never stop working to be the best lawyers we can be. The finest gift you may give yourself this holiday season may be the peace of mind you receive knowing we will find the greatest possible outcome for you. Give us a call at (423) 434-4700 today to discuss your future.