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4 social media best practices to follow during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Divorce & Family Law

As you and your spouse prepare for divorce in Tennessee, chances are that tensions will run high. When that happens, your first reaction may be to head for social media to share your frustrations, but you should remain cautious because what you put online lives forever.

Here are four social media best practices to follow during your divorce.

1. Do not harass your ex online

Avoid harassing your ex, their friends, family or significant other. Not only does this portray you negatively, but it can also hurt your position in divorce negotiations. In some cases, harassment may also earn misdemeanor charges, so playing it safe is advisable.

2. Be careful of how you portray yourself

Even if you do not think your ex will see what you post, consider that mutual friends or family members might share information with your ex and their legal team. Especially when child custody is in question, you should avoid documenting dangerous or irresponsible behavior on social media.

3. Avoid sharing drama

Social media allows you to connect with the people you know, no matter where on earth they are. However, not everyone needs to know the details of your divorce. When frustrating situations arise, keep your circle small.

4. Do not flaunt excessive spending

Negotiating asset division and financial support arrangements is a vital step in the divorce process. Avoid flaunting big purchases, as doing so can complicate negotiations and harm your standing.

Divorce is challenging, but sticking to these social media guidelines might save you additional trouble.