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Common spinal cord injuries from motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Personal Injury

Car accidents always have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries to vehicle occupants. Even a seemingly minor collision can cause serious harm, especially when the impact exerts a particular force on an individual’s neck or back.

Spinal cord injuries are unfortunately common outcomes of motor vehicle accidents. By knowing some of the most common neck and back conditions that can affect you after a collision, you can take appropriate steps toward securing the right kind of medical care after an accident.


Whiplash is a common injury that often results from the rapid back-and-forth motion forced upon your neck in a rear-end collision. This type of injury, which affects the topmost areas of the spinal column, often heals independently but should be subject to medical attention nonetheless.

Herniated discs

The pressure of a car accident can force the discs of the spinal column out of place, causing them to slip and press painfully into the nearby nerves.

Spinal fractures

Cracks and compression fractures can result from the force of a car crash, possibly leading to long-term numbness in the affected area.

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition that usually develops slowly over time in affected individuals, but a sudden motor vehicle accident can hasten the narrowing of spaces within the spine and cause painful pinching or sciatica.

Other types of spinal cord injuries, such as tearing, bruising or painful stretching, can fall under the umbrella of catastrophic injuries. Any of these conditions may warrant pursuing a personal injury claim against the negligent party in a vehicle accident.