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The Divorce Process in Tennessee: What you Need to Know When Contacting an Attorney

For an attorney practicing family law, or more specifically, divorce law, most initial phone calls with potential clients follow the same pattern.  The purpose of this entry is for people who are considering or involved in divorce, and do not know the process and requirements, to have a guide or primer on the procedure and expectations before embarking on this…

Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Possibly the most common need for legal representation arises when someone incurs a personal injury through the fault of someone else. Whether you are injured through a car wreck, a dog bite, a slip and fall, or any other of a number of mishaps, a personal injury case is perhaps the most common of all lawsuits. (As a note of…

Mediation: An Excellent Alternative to a Trial

Mediation has become one of the most common ways of resolving legal disputes in Tennessee; it is required in certain types of legal disputes, including divorce actions and construction litigation, before the parties can ever proceed to trial. Mediation and arbitration are two types of alternative dispute resolution techniques that are available to help parties avoid litigation. Mediation differs from arbitration…