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Personal Injury

What is a Personal Injury?

You have probably seen more than a few advertisements for personal injury attorneys, but have you ever wondered what is “personal injury?” The answer is fairly simple, “personal injury” means any injury to your person. Do you have a broken leg, neck pain, or headaches resulting from someone else’s negligence? Then you have a personal injury and you may have…

What is Subrogation and How Will It Affect My Recovery of Personal Injury Damages?

Subrogation is the contractual right of an insurance company to recoup any money it paid on your behalf following an accident caused by another person. You are hurt in an accident, have to go to the emergency room, and are admitted to the hospital for several weeks. You then have a few months of follow-up appointments and physical therapy.   After…

Catastrophic Personal Injury in Tennessee

A catastrophic injury is defined under Tennessee state law as: Paraplegia or quadriplegia Amputation of both hands or feet, or one of each Third-degree burns over 40 percent of your body Similar burns up to 40 percent of your face Wrongful death of a minor child over which you had custody The limit placed in Tennessee law for personal injury…