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Immigration Solutions

Immigration laws are complex, the policies behind them ever-changing, and often alter depending on the current political climate . Immigration affects many people, not just immigrants themselves. Employers, family members, landlords, courts and businesses are all affected by immigration. That is why having an experienced immigration attorney is so important.

Whether you are ready to adjust status and seek a green card for the first time, renew your current status, or become a U.S. citizen through naturalization, we have decades of experience in immigration law ready to put to work for you. Maybe you are a sponsor who wants to help an employee, friend, or family member; maybe you are seeking immigration help based on a fear to return to your home country or because you are the victim of a crime; or maybe you just want to find out what immigration options may be available to you or a loved one. No matter what your immigration issue is, Herndon, Coleman, Brading, & McKee, LLP is here to help. We are your source for experienced immigration help and advice. If we can’t help, we will do our best to find resources for you that can.

While there is a lot of free advice, information, and yes, even free forms available for use on the internet and at, no internet article or guide is a substitute for legal advice from an experienced immigration attorney, especially advice tailored to your specific needs and the facts of your case. Every immigration case is unique, and what relief may be available to you and how and if you can apply for immigration benefits depends on your immigration history, past charges or offenses, family status, and sometimes even what country you call home. Filing the wrong application, incorrectly completing an application, or filing an application under the wrong circumstances can result in lost time, lost money, and sometimes even deportation or denial of entry to the U.S. Let our attorneys help you make the right choices and seek the right relief for you.

Examples Of Immigration Benefits We Can Help You Explore

Our immigration lawyers can help you determine what, if any, immigration relief is right for you based on the unique facts of your case. We have experience working with clients to pursue the following relief:

  • Family-based and employment-based petitions
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) petitions for victims of certain crimes
  • Green card a/k/a Legal Permanent Residency a/k/a Adjustment of Status applications
  • Help with your immigration status after a divorce from an American citizen or Legal Permanent Resident
  • Citizenship/Naturalization
  • Changing your immigration status, such as from a student visa to a family-based visa
  • Help if you have overstayed a visa
  • Visa extensions
  • Unlawful Presence and other waivers
  • Asylum
  • Renewing your current immigration status
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
  • Work Authorization (EAD) applications and renewals
  • Temporary Protected Status applications
  • Special relief for immigrants from specific countries
  • Immigration relief for minors
  • General immigration advice

We also advise non-U.S. citizens who have been charged with crimes. Your situation is precarious if this has happened to you. Our attorneys are ready to help you obtain the best outcome in your criminal case while avoiding immigration consequences whenever possible.

Get Answers And Direction In Achieving Your Immigration Goals

Stop wondering and worrying about your immigration status. Get personalized counsel instead. At Herndon, Coleman, Brading, & McKee, LLP, we help our clients achieve their immigration objectives whenever possible with honest, experienced advice and effective representation.

To schedule a consultation with an immigration lawyer about your immigration questions and to help find the best path forward for your specific case, contact us at 844-678-9750 or complete our online form. Attorney McKenna Cox is fluent in Spanish and in English.

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