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What Is Social Security For Disabled Persons?

Social Security Disability (SSDI) is not a government handout. Rather, it is a government-run social security insurance program in which workers participate by contributing to payroll and income taxes. As the Social Security agency explains:

“[With] Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), … workers earn coverage for benefits by working and paying Social Security taxes on their earnings. The program provides benefits to disabled workers and [their dependent family members] … to replace some of their lost income [when they can no longer work due to their disabilities].”

Slightly different from SSDI is Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is available to persons who are blind and/or who have never worked due to a disability. SSI is also available to persons who did not work enough Social Security quarters to qualify for SSDI before they became disabled. Children may also draw SSI based on their own disability of that of certain family members. SSI recipients may also qualify for additional government benefits, such as mental health services, state Medicaid insurance and help paying Medicare premiums.

If you, your child, or your spouse is disabled and cannot work, then you and/or your loved one may be eligible for SSI or SSDI benefits. Talk to our experienced lawyers and staff to find out if you or a loved one qualifies for Social Security disability benefits. We can help you gather the right kind of evidence, fill out the right forms, and even go with you to hearings.

At Herndon, Coleman, Brading, & McKee, LLP, we will  review your Social Security case at any stage. Come to us before your initial application or after your application has been rejected once or even twice. We are here to help.

SSD For Those Who Can No Longer Work Because Of Disabilities

Many people wonder if their disabilities are serious enough to qualify for them for SSI or SSDI. If you are unable to hold down a job because of one or more illnesses or conditions, you may qualify.

To prepare to appeal after a denial of benefits, work with a lawyer who can help you document your disabilities with convincing medical evidence. Our SSDI/SSI attorneys and their experienced staff are here to help.

SSI For Disabled Adults With Limited Resources

If you are disabled but have not paid into the system long enough through payroll taxes, you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. This program is for adults who have disabilities and very limited income and resources as well as for children with limited resources. An SSI recipient  automatically qualifies for Medicaid/TennCare, as well. The maximum amount of benefits available through SSI as of 2022 was $841 a month for an individual and $1,261 a month for a couple.

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