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How to approach summertime changes to child visitation schedules

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | Divorce & Family Law

Summer vacations allow parents and children to spend time together and make fun family memories. However, changes to children’s schedules can complicate visitation schedules for divorced parents.

Parents and children alike can benefit from planning ahead and openly discussing the scheduling and visitation changes associated with summer.

Children’s schedules during the summer

School-age children typically have a summer vacation from school, and parents may need to make changes to accommodate that break. Working parents often need to find additional childcare in the summer. While some teenagers can spend time alone during the day, most younger children require care and supervision.

Many parents enjoy spending quality time with their children during summer break when kids have less homework and more free time. Parents who live further away or have limited visitation time might also desire extended stays over the summer to bond with their children. Furthermore, some families use summer to take long trips or enroll children in camps.

Navigating challenges and resolving conflicts

Parents can avoid potential conflicts by discussing summer plans well before the school year ends. When communicating with an ex-spouse, it is advisable to approach the conversation with openness and respect to find common ground. However, some co-parents struggle to discuss tricky issues without conflict arising. Working with a third party, such as a mediator or family counselor, can help the conversation stay on track. Parents should also consider creating written documents outlining any summertime changes to their usual visitation schedules. This can provide clarity and help solve disputes later in the summer.

Effective communication and conflict resolution skills can help divorced parents work together to accommodate changes to their children’s schedules during summer.