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Navigating criminal prescription drug charges

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Criminal charges related to prescription drugs can have serious consequences. These charges impact people who engage in unlawful activities involving medications.

Understanding the basics of such charges is important to navigate potential legal issues. These basics can also help you avoid future problems.

Possession of prescription drugs without a prescription

The unauthorized possession of prescription drugs is a criminal offense. Unauthorized possession involves having some medications without a valid prescription. These charges apply to those without a prescription or with a forged one.

Distribution or sale of prescription drugs

Distributing or selling prescriptions without proper authorization is against the law. You need the appropriate licensing and prescriptions to be a doctor or pharmacist. The legal system takes a tough stance on this to curb illegal drug abuse and distribution.

Prescription fraud

Prescription fraud involves using deceptive practices to get prescription medications. These practices can include forging or altering the details on a valid prescription. Individuals caught engaging in prescription fraud may face criminal charges for their actions.

Doctor shopping

Doctor shopping is visiting several clinics to get the same medications. People who stockpile prescriptions for personal use or resale engage in doctor shopping. Many clinics will not give first-time patients certain medications to avoid this behavior.

Unlawful possession or distribution of controlled substances

Prescription drugs classified as controlled substances carry more legal restrictions. These can include specific painkillers and anti-anxiety medications. Charges related to the illegal possession or distribution of these drugs are harsh. These consequences are due to the abuse and harm associated with these medications.

Navigating legal challenges

Criminal prescription drug charges cover a range of offenses. Engaging in lawful and ethical practices around prescriptions helps avoid serious legal consequences.